I'm currently trying to make a hotkey to rename example functions sub_123450(aType* this, void* a2) to aType::123450(aType* this, void* a2). I have code to rename etc. but how can I get the name of the type of the arguments to the function?

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func_ea = 0x123450  # sub_123450

tif = ida_typeinf.tinfo_t()
funcdata = ida_typeinf.func_type_data_t()

assert ida_nalt.get_tinfo(tif, func_ea)
assert tif.get_func_details(funcdata)

for pos, argument in enumerate(funcdata):
    print(f'argument {pos + 1}: {argument.type}{argument.name}')

This should give you:

argument 1: aType* this
argument 2: void* a2

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