Let's say I have:

mov ecx, [g_pMyClassObj] ; type CMyClass
call sub_B00BA ; a thiscall function

Is there a feature/plugin/script to automatically rename all subroutine occurrences to:

mov ecx, [g_pMyClassObj] ; type CMyClass
call CMyClass__B00BA
  • Which Ida version are you using? Do you have HexRays decompiler?
    – w s
    Aug 2 at 14:27
  • I am using IDA version 7.7, And yes I have HexRays Decompiler and use it. Aug 2 at 15:34

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As far as IDA is concerned it's almost programmable in every manner thanks to the scripting engine. When it comes to renaming a subroutine in IDA it can be achieved either using idc scripts or by using idapython.

Although renaming class methods in IDA automatically can be a tough task because you have to provide much more information to IDA such as object-name, calling conventions etc. However, a more general occurrence of a subroutine can easily be renamed using idc script.

I have provided a script below which can solve this problem. Although it can be modified to extract the subroutine offset B00BA from sub_B00BA and rename (or rather append) to a name of your liking, but I left that approach so that this script can more flexible (i.e you can change to any name and not just SomeSubName_Offset).

idc script: rename_method.idc

#include <idc.idc>

static main(void)
    auto ea, fncname, fstatus=-1;
    auto findsub="sub_B00BA";           // [1] Subroutine to find
    auto newsubName="CMyClass__B00BA" ; // [2] New name the subroutine 
    for (ea=MinEA(); ea != BADADDR; ea=NextFunction(ea))
        fncname = GetFunctionName(ea);                
        if (fncname == findsub) 
            auto errcode = MakeNameEx(ea, newsubName, SN_PUBLIC|SN_CHECK|SN_NOWARN);
            if (errcode)
                Message("[*] disassembly/subroutine-list refreshed..ok\n");
        if (fstatus == -1)  // if we don't have such function in disassembly
            Message("[*] subroutine:" + findsub +
            " not found.\nplease check name of the subroutine/method again.\n");

Please make sure you change subroutine name at [1] and [2]. I have tested this scipt using IDA 6.6 and will definately work with IDA 7.x.

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    This is one piece of the puzzle. Thank you for your contribution! Aug 2 at 15:38

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