I'd like to know how I can save/restore comments or possibly other metadata during a debugging session.

I know how to save this data when running radare without the -d flag but I often need to debug the binary and would like a way to save at least the comments I made during this.

I know about the Ps Po commands but this is what radare2 tells me

[0x7ff33eba18a0]> Ps xxx
radare2 does not support projects on debugged bins.
Cannot save project.

I am using version:

> r2 -v
radare2 5.6.8 0 @ linux-x86-64 git.
commit: 5.6.8 build: 2022-06-22__12:33:33

Any help or other way of achieving this is also welcome.

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Projects has been disabled in debugger mode because not all metadata is rebased when aslr is involved which may result on confusing analysis/comments information. If you disable aslr, or your target is always loading in the same place you can do a couple of things:

  • Ps saving@e:cfg.debug=false

or just save the comments into a file:

  • CC* > comments.r2

you can reload the script with the . comments.r2 or starting the session with r2 -i comments.r2 ... to get the comment lines loaded into the session.

Same goes for all the analysis information. if you append * to any command you get the output in r2 commands script.

  • Can aslr be disabled on a per-binary basis? I think gdb can do it but i am not sure.
    – Gordon Zar
    Jul 1, 2022 at 19:12

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