People, good afternoon. Tell me please, can anyone know: how to export hotkey IDA? I understand - IDA saves these settings somewhere in the registry, but I can not find this place


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IDA doesn't stores hotkeys in registry rather it stores gui, terminal user interface(tui), analysis etc. related settings in configuration files which have .cfg extension, this approach provides flexibility in fine tuning/exporting configurations to user.

These configuration files are stored in cfg/ directory which you can easily find in your IDA installation directory. For example IDA_DIR/cfg/ida.cfg

However, plugin related configurations are stored in IDA_DIR/plugins/plugins.cfg

But the most important configuration files are those that govern the use of IDA and they are the following:

  1. ida.cfg - stores most common configuration options (parsing/analysis/processors etc.)

  2. idagui.cfg - applies to the graphical user interface (GUI behaviors, keyboard hotkey mappings etc.)

  3. idatui.cfg - applies to the command line version of IDA (configuration for console version of IDA)

I assume you want to change or reuse your IDA hotkeys. Therefore, you can open idagui.cfg files in any text editor and change settings as per your preference.

All configuration files are well documented using comments and so does the idagui.cfg file, it has been divided into three sections:

  • default GUI behaviors
  • keyboard hotkey mappings
  • File extension configuration for the File->Open dialog

However, if you do not feel comfortable editing idagui.cfg directly, then you should create idauserg.cfg in the same directory and add to it all of the options that you wish to override. In this case you only need to edit the last line in idagui.cfg to contains a directive to include idauserg.cfg file. For example:

#softinclude <idauserg.cfg>

Next time in case you upgrade/reinstall/use IDA on some other platform, you can simply copy idauserg.cfg into cfg/ directory. Similar method can be applied for ida.cfg but user provided configuration file should be named as idauser.cfg and include directive in ida.cfg should be appended as above.

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