After failing to find a solution to this I have started using Gdb and have encountered another error.

Gdbfails to set hardware watchpoint when I'm remote debugging a rooted arm7-a target. It supports hardware watchpoints and breakpoints according to the Technical references manual.

Breakpoints and watchpoints

The processor supports six breakpoints, four watchpoints, and a standard Debug Communications Channel (DCC). Four of the breakpoints match only to virtual address and the other two match against either virtual address or context ID, or Virtual Machine Identifier (VMID). All the watchpoints can be linked to two breakpoints to enable a memory request to be trapped in a given process context.

If i set a hardware watchpoint on gdb then it says failed to set hardware watchpoint. But if i change the parameter using:

set can-use-hw-watchpoints 0

I can set the software watchpoint successfully but it is very slow and laggy. I really dont understand why its failing. Could it be because the watchpoint is not correctly aligned?

The processor is an arm cortex-a7 and i can link the technical references manual if needed. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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Turns out this processor doesn't support hardware watchpoints or the debuggers dont have support for hardware watchpoints for my processor. After trying to set a watchpoint with lldb lldb reported that there are 0 available hardware watchpoints. So there is no way around this one.

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