I'm new to reverse engineering with IDA.

I've found libm_sse2_sin_precise while inspecting c-pseudocode for some Win32 executable.

enter image description here

I tried clicking that function but the executable requires the DLLs.

So, I cannot view the pseudocode for that function.

enter image description here

Can anyone tell What's the libm_sse2_sin_precise and How do I find parameters for that function.

Disassembly around the call: enter image description here


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From the disassembly, I looks like the function uses xmm0 as input and returns the result in xmm0 as well.

Because x86 code normally uses stack for passing arguments, the decompiler fails to detect this automatically, so you need to specify the function prototype manually using __usercall. Something like

double __usercall sin_sse<xmm0>(double <xmm0>);

Should work.

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