I'm trying to call a function in a game that makes my character sending a message.

I already called a few functions in this game but this one has a tricky parameter.

The function signature should be similar to this:

void Game::talkChannel(Otc::MessageMode mode, int channelId, const std::string& message)

This is how I define it:

typedef DWORD(__thiscall* _talkChannel)(DWORD localplayer, uintptr_t mode, uintptr_t channelId, const std::string& message);
_talkChannel talkChannel;
talkChannel = (_talkChannel)(moduleBase + 0x79340);

This is how I call it:

talkChannel(LocalPlayer, 1, 0, "test");

Here's how the function looks normally:

enter image description here

And this is how it looks if I call it from my dll:

enter image description here

As you can see it doesn't looks the same, and the result in game is my character sending this message:


So as I can see it will fill the message until 8 characters, and if I send more than 8 characters it won't send any message.

Trying to send as a const char * made me explode my brain because it looks exactly the same as the original function call:

enter image description here

But nothing happens ingame, no message is sent, even the call looks identical to me in debugger...

How should I call that function with this tricky parameter?


Calling as const wchar_t* didn't work, but it's fun to see how it differs in debugger:

enter image description here

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At the end I just had to compile as Release.

Thanks to this information:


So it's just a compiler difference

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