I'm currently trying to reverse an firmware image I dumped from a Realtek Ameba device. The image is a stripped RTOS in .bin format which unfortunately does not have any metadata for ida pro to analyze.
However I do found the Ameba SDK from Realtek's Ameba github repo and successfully built a "clean" .axf file with the SDK.

What I'm attempting to do now is to let ida somehow take the .axf file as reference and identify which part of the .bin file might be what. The firmware image for Ameba devices is based on freeRTOS, so I believe most functions within the .bin file could be found in the .axf file. (hardware I/O, memory management, libc ... etc.)
It will be much easier to identify "custom" functions written by the device developers if I can rule out standard RTOS functions!

However I'm not really sure where I should start first. Most of the resources I found online are for stripped elf files or PE files, not .bin file for embedded devices....

Any advice would be appreciated!

So I found bindiff right after I posted this question, but any other options are also very welcomed!


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