Which are the most common and useful deobfuscators and decompilers for .NET .dll files?

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For decompilation, I recommend you to try dnSpy. The console version of this tool (dnSpy.Console.exe) works on all platforms via mono.

For deobfuscation of most standard obfuscators, de4dot will help. Supported obfuscators/packers enumerated in README. It should be noted that dnSpy supports the debugger with which you can unpack most non-standard packers by hands.

  • thank you, I am trying to decrypt a string using the method of de4dot with "--strtyp delegate" but I get following error: Unhandled Exception: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Invalid Image File name: '/usr/lib/de4dot/AssemblyServer-x64.exe' I know the file is missing but I dont know how to install it either
    – REpro1337
    May 13 at 11:00

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