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History: im currently working on reversing the game loader of the 1990 DOS game Alpha Waves Youtube

i've got the full reveresed/working code on my github project alpha_waves_loader and im able to skip the original loader an directly work on the uncompressed executables extracted from the game data, i also got more or less clean C/C++ port of the uncompress-code: orginal asm, emulated asm, native C++ port

i've got a small stand-alone example that builds with a C++14 compiler (VS2017+, gcc, clang, mingw)

the example is online compile & debug-able at: https://onlinegdb.com/jqrTRvukG

question: (to cleanup the code further) can anyone tell me if that is some sort of standard (un)compression algorithm from the early times or something completely self-invented by the game creator?


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