Please note that I am new to x64dbg.

As you can be seen in the picture below, the error message has the string

[ebp+8]:L"The information you have entered is invalid!\n..."

address with string

However, when I do Search For > All Modules > String References, it does not pop up:

no results found

I am wondering why this searching only works for some strings, not all strings.

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Just because a particular string is presented in your process memory during the execution of your program, it doesn't mean that it was prepared in advance (on disk) before you launch a program.

There are many other possibilities, how your program may load a "non-existing" string, for example:

  • The string is combined (e.g. concatenated) from others,
  • the string is entered by user,
  • the string is created from its encrypted form,
  • the string is from dynamically loaded DLL,
  • the string is loaded from resources,
  • the string is read from an external file,
  • the string is loaded from an environmental variable,
  • ... and so on.

Searching for a particular string is one of the simplest method in reverse engineering, but in the same time one of the least reliable method.

  • Great, thank you. How may I search a dynamically loaded string? As shown in my case above. Apr 18, 2022 at 23:28
  • @MahmoudMaarouf, searching for dynamically loaded strings has no meaning, you will have no success with this method.
    – MarianD
    Apr 19, 2022 at 7:24

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