I don't have much knowledge and experience with assembly so I value more or less readable IDA's pseudocode output. I want to examine stack and locals of the specific functions I set breakpoint in, however, the debugger output I receive with "Local Windows Debugger" is very odd and inconsistent. For example, I know that function has 3 arguments, all of which are raw pointers, however when examining these during break I get invalid values for these - for example, first one is outside of mapped address space, 2nd pointer is 0 (which is impossible since it is being dereferenced in the code) and 3rd one has exceptionally small int value for a pointer. Since they are valid pointers I expected absolute address values in mapped memory. Additionally, I cannot navigate and examine content in memory for half of the supposed stack variables.

I'm wondering if I'm missing something obvious that can get me better debugging output?


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