I want to enable telnet in my router (ZTE F670L V9.0.11P1N20D), So, I backup my router and i have a file config.bin, Size 23.5KB. I fired up kali and when i issue this command:

$ file config.bin
config.bin: OpenPGP Public Key

I got this above output, I tried to extract this via binwalk, but no success.

Even though, Telnet is enabled on my router by default but the port is filtered:

21/tcp  open     ftp
23/tcp  filtered telnet
53/tcp  open     domain
80/tcp  open     http
139/tcp open     netbios-ssn
443/tcp open     https

I tried resetting the router but still Port is filtered. So, I hope there's a solution to extract that config.bin.


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