According to documentation,

px[?][owq] [len]    hexdump of N bytes (o=octal, w=32bit, q=64bit)


pr[?][glx] [len]    print N raw bytes (in lines or hexblocks, 'g'unzip)

These two commands are how you see the bytes at a certain address in radare2.

Here is the top of my stack in radare2:

top of stack

When I want to print out the 8 bytes RSP is pointing to by typing pxq @ rsp, I only get the last two bytes. See here:

enter image description here

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This is probably due the blocksize, try running b to display the current blocksize and change it to something bigger than 1 byte like this: b 1K. Also I would suggest you to use @r:SP instead of rsp for portability and sync between regstate and flags reasons.

Hope that works

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