If you start radare2 in debugging mode like:

r2 -d /usr/bin

you'll be prompted with something similar to:


If you press V for the prompt, you get debugging view with panels. Then, if you select the Stack panel using the Tab key, press the E key, type pxr 256@r:SP, you get this view (this is thanks to this answer), you get what I'd like to be the default view

Ideal View

How do I make the above window the default view for when I enter: r2 -d /usr/bin and then V.

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You can have multiple panel layouts configured and save/load them from the menus. if you want that to be shipped by default please open a ticket in github or send a pullrequest changing the default layout when in debugger mode. It's a better place to discuss than this forum, where i hopefully plan to be more active these days)


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