Because the exposed DecodeInstruction functionality in IDA is quiet sucky, it can be easier to operate on textual representation. However, IDA even foils this as there doesnt seem to be a good way to get clean disassembly without it being intermingled with names, enums, local variables, etc.

idc.GetDisasm doesnt work, and idc.generate_disasm_line data in an obscure format that poses as a string (likely the internal representation of a textual line in IDA).

Example: IDA shows:

mov     [rsp+168h+var_148], ebx

I want to get the clean disassembly

mov dword ptr ss:[rsp+0x20], ebx

How can I do this?

It seems absurd to ship a disassembly library with your IDA-Python script, but this is what most people seem to do.


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