While debugging a program under gdb with gdb-peda installed, I need to pass args to the binary using output from something like python.

Why I am not getting AAAAA?

gdb-peda$ b doSomthing
gdb-peda$ run  python -c 'print "A"*(5)'

I got the same text: python -c 'print "A"*(150)' as an output but I want to print AAAAA

I think formatting mistake!? Any suggestion, please?

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You don't need "run"

python -c 'print "A"*(5)'




To pass args to a binary using a program such as python use normal bash evaluation. On bash this works

$ echo $(python -c "print('ABC'*3)")

Similarly under gdb console

r  $(python2 -c 'print "A"*(58))

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