Let's say I have this code in the decompiler of IDA pro:

var1 = var2; 

And assume the type of var1 is X (for example X could be char array with size 5). Is there anyway that I can tell IDA that whenever you see such assignments, change the type of var2 to X as well?

Considering that var1 is type X, then obviously var2 should be type X as well, but right now I have to manually change the type every time… The problem is this is happening inside a large function thousands of times and I can't manually change every time, I need to somehow force IDA to do it. But how?

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    If var1 is never re-assigned deeper in the function (meaning that it is just an exact copy of var2), you can try the "=" shortcut to merge the two variables. I know this is not exactely what you've asked, but it may same you some time :)
    – Guillaume
    Feb 22, 2022 at 8:39

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HexRaysPyTools has this feature, which it calls "recasting" (SHIFT-L, SHIFT-R). It's generally an excellent piece of software and I recommend it.

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