I am trying to create an instance of a class of an iOS app using Frida.

In the past I have successfully done this using a command such as:

var instance = ObjC.chooseSync(ObjC.classes.TestClass)[0];

However, in this instance, the class that I would like to create an instance of has a . in the name so if I try the same command as above I understandably get an error:

var instance = ObjC.chooseSync(ObjC.classes.Test.Class)[0];
SyntaxError: expecting field name

I had identified the class from the output of:

Object.keys(ObjC.classes).filter(function(m){ return m.toLowerCase().includes("test") });

The output of this lists a number of classes, all of which are either mangled Swift names, or have a . in them so I'm not sure if I simply don't understood a concept here about how Frida handles class names in a Swift and Objective-C app, or there is something I've missed in attempting to create the instance.

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ObjC.classes.TestClass is just a shorthand in JavaScript for ObjC.classes['TestClass'].

Therefore you should be able to access an Test.Class instance this way:

var instance = ObjC.chooseSync(ObjC.classes['Test.Class'])[0];
  • Thank you, that was exactly what I needed. I had been overthinking things and annoyingly had tried something similar to your solution but with additional () enclosing the [].
    – Jon
    Commented Feb 4, 2022 at 11:42

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