I've been checking out metaverse-sensation Decentraland (play.decentraland.org) and I'm interested in how they've implemented the massive multiplayer netcode to work well for tens of players at the same screen. So I decided to monitor the network.

I logged in with 2 browsers, got both on the same game screen looking at each other, and monitored the network tab on my browser to see what was being sent. To my surprise, when I move the character on one window, the other one sees the movement, but no data is sent over Chrome's network tab.

I'm surely missing something. How can I see what data it's sending and where it's sending to? Are there some types of connections on browser that do not trigger the network tab? How can I debug them?


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You can use Wireshark tool which is available here: https://www.wireshark.org Repeat all your steps while you're sniffing network connections, see if it solves the problem


The web application may use the browser's raw socket API or something similar for TCP and/or UDP protocol (extensions, java stuff, etc.)

The browser's HTTP(s) debugger - actually any HTTP(s) debugger - won't and can't display such connections and traffic which are not HTTP compliant.

As the other answer: You'd need an entire network sniffer such as Wireshark

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