I have this class with constructor offsets and attributes:

public class example 
    // Fields
    public float Attribute_1 = 1.5f; // 0x8
    public int Attribute_2 = 102 ; // 0xC

    // RVA: 0x198EF70 Offset: 0x198EF70 VA: 0x9BF8EF70
    public void .ctor() { }

The question is how to access predefined attributes Attribute_1 and attribute_2 in IDA.

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    Many pieces of information are missing from this question, such as: what language is that? (.NET CLR?) What do you mean, "access" those attributes? Also, IDA is a disassembler, whereas you are showing high-level code. Don't expect IDA to decompile the binary into the language from your snippet. Dec 14, 2021 at 4:03

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The answer is in IDA Jump to the constructor address, in my case 0x198ef70, then translate to pseudocode, and you will find all the attributes with their values related to example class.

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