I have a file (dll) that is a Cobalt Strike dropper based on the strings found inside. The file has an "entry0", and other general windows specific functions. The file appears to be encrypted in a way that allows it to produce a "legitimate" disassembly, however, a non-functioning assembly. I am under the impression so far that another file is required to "decrypt" the file into an executable state. Any advice, resources, and/or answers are greatly appreciated.

Yara searchable string: AWAVAUATVWUSH

md5 4c1bf9b4b6cff0e67eb43e0607106256

sha1 2ef021cb3a809a36786ddfb026473ce751f93c56

sha256 4a768074cc312aa3554eca66e4489787b97282c0732f3d5ead85ef4e9bdbfa93

First 11 Functions

0x140041a60 1 116 entry0

0x140019168 8 107 -> 82 sym.WINMM.dll_Ordinal_1

0x140039f0c 22 1453 -> 1449 sym.WINMM.dll_mciExecute

0x14003425c 1 26 sym.WINMM.dll_CloseDriver

0x1400097b4 2 26 -> 17 sym.WINMM.dll_DefDriverProc

0x14000977c 1 16 sym.WINMM.dll_DriverCallback

0x140026bf0 1 1 sym.WINMM.dll_DrvGetModuleHandle

0x140025e4c 15 293 -> 120 sym.WINMM.dll_GetDriverModuleHandle

0x14001d1a0 1 12 sym.WINMM.dll_OpenDriver

0x14003ba1c 10 1226 -> 990 sym.WINMM.dll_PlaySoundA

0x14003f360 39 4330 fcn.14003f360

File Information

arch x86

baddr 0x140000000

binsz 1142784

bintype pe

bits 64

canary false

retguard false

class PE32+

cmp.csum 0x001180e7

compiled Thu Feb 13 16:30:33 2020

crypto false

endian little

havecode true

hdr.csum 0x3f88a0a3

laddr 0x0

lang c

linenum false

lsyms false

machine AMD 64

maxopsz 16

minopsz 1

nx true

os windows

overlay false

pcalign 0

pic true

relocs false

signed false

sanitiz false

static false

stripped false

subsys Windows CUI

va true

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