I have been using mtkclient from my PC to unlock bootloaders and flash images onto mt8163 tablets (hat-tip to Bjoern Kerler for developing this amazing tool).

In my current situation, it would be very helpful to be able to setup the mtkclient CLI on a tablet to flash other tablets of the same make/model using termux and OTG. I was able to successfully setup the mtkclient CLI on termux.

However, when the CLI asks to connect the device, it won't detect it in BROM mode.

I'm able to connect via OTG for file transfers and the like, so the device is OTG compatible.

Detecting a mediatek device in BROM mode is a common challenge even on a PC, as is shown in this article.

I was hoping someone could shed some light on the challenge I'm facing. Such as whether this is a hardware limitation, or something I could potentially overcome with some software manipulation.


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