I have this software that needs to have a dongle for the software to be installed. I do have the dongle but it's used on our radio computer since we use this program to play our audio on our station so if we remove the dongle we can't use the program. (Take note that the dongle is for activation only there is a separate license file for the program to work.) So I'm just here to ask help on how I can edit the setup exe to not look for the dongle every time I set it up. It's kind of complicated. I'm confused on where is the code responsible for the dongle.

I'm using x32dbg for this since this only supports 32-bit systems only

Here's the setup file: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ikvkyBps3VfYv0RUo8nkw032C8INsSka?usp=sharing