Here is my use case:

I am trying to create a script that finds all instances of a particular instruction (in this case wrmsr) and traces back to find out whether the operands for the instruction are hard-coded literals or variables that are set at runtime. This is meant to help me detect a certain flavor of vulnerable driver.

Does IDAPython have a way to query instruction operands to distinguish between literals and variables? How would I do this?


I believe you can look at the type of the operand with something like this (ideally with some more error and type checking):

  insn = idaapi.insn_t()
  idaapi.decode_insn(insn, ea)
  if insn.ops[0].type == ida_ua.o_imm:
      print("This is the constant value ", insn.ops[0])

The possible values for op_t.type are here: IDA SDK: Operand types.

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