I'm trying to prettify a representation of Pascal-string "Could not access file "" in Hex-Rays decompiler's output. As you can see below,

now its type is char[25] due to inclusion of hexademical string length. How can I force IDA to perceive Pascal-strings properly during their depiction in Hex-Rays pane? I want to see for all Pascal-string in corresponding window something like

LODWORD(v90) = ConcatenateStrings_R8_R9_to_RCX(v140, 255i64, "Could not access file \"", v158);

I tried to change types via "Set item type..." as showed below. enter image description here

Unfortunately, these options didn't help.

  • Create a custom struct with length as the first member and assign that type.
    – sudhackar
    Sep 16 at 9:53
  • Did you mean to create a structure with the first byte for string length and the other bytes as array of zero length? PascalStr struc ; (sizeof=0x1, mappedto_104, variable size) len db ? str db 0 dup(?) PascalStr ends But in this case I get ConcatenateStrings_R8_R9_to_RCX(v188, 255i64, v188, &stru_7FF6202878C4);
    – AquaRegia
    Sep 16 at 17:35

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