Im on Kali and im using Radare2 but it says

r2 -d bin
Killing child process 16151 due to an error
Killing child process 16152 due to an error
[w] Cannot open 'dbg://./bin' for writing.

I tried chmod +x bin and I still get the same result, can someone help me, im still a beginnner

  • Does it work when you debug bin in gdb? Sep 8 at 19:30
  • 1
    Since the error message is related to writing (instead of execution, which is what the problem usually is) have you tried adding write permissions to the bin file and running the above command again?
    – julian
    Sep 8 at 19:49
  • What's a version of r2 you're having on your system? Sep 10 at 17:31

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