I have been reading through the API documentation here and As far as I can tell there are three ways to wait for the analysis to finish.




Looking at the API if get_auto_state() == AU_NONE then Analysis should be completed and if auto_is_ok() == 1 then analysis is completed. Also, from what I read auto_wait() should move forward when analysis is completed . I have tried all of these and none appear to work like I want. And I noticed that these events will be met when the IDA is pausing in part of analysis.

I mean, if there is no way to accomplish this, then I would settle for a way to sort of activate the plugin when run is called normally and then have another part run from an event listener. Both of which appear to be documented poorly.

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Arrange your plugin like this:

# your imports
import idc

# wait for auto-analysis to complete
    return yourthing()

###do your thing
def yourthing(): pass

check an example: https://github.com/nadineOzz/polichombr/blob/80805164e85c2d21ffadffdd9ed8e2e4ea36fa9c/skelenox.py

good read: https://hex-rays.com/blog/scriptable-plugins/

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