I would like to analyse the traffic generated by one of the apps that I use.

This .app contains an OpenSSL 1.1.0 dylib in its Frameworks folder. I would like to extract the pre-master keys using the SSLKEYLOGFILE Environment-variable.

When using curl or Firefox this works fine but not with this app. So with curl or Firefox, Wireshark is able to use the keys for decryption.

What I did so far:

  • set SSLKEYLOGFILE variable
    • this results in a file with some key when I close the opened application
  • replace the included libssl.dylib in the .app with a newly compiled one to make sure it supports the extraction of the key
    • this leads to the same behavior
  • I tried this cript from here which was described here
    • I also do get a key but wireshark does not decrypt the traffic

So how would I extract the SSL pre-master key of a Mac app that includes its own libssl.dylib?

This is the content of the app

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