So basically, in order to "jailbreak" a PlayStation Vita console, on firmware versions 3.61 and above, you have to run h-encore2 which is basically just a regular signed executable primarily its a demo of a game, with a custom save-file that triggers a buffer overflow exploit. because Sony didn't bother putting any DRM Protection on demos, so if you can get it onto the memory card it will just run-

however there's a problem- the only way to install h-encore2 is over Content Manager, which requires a PSN account to be linked to your console which is a service that Sony could close down at any point. which would make installing the program almost impossible

At first i thought the solution would just be to reverse engineer how the memory cards worked, but i found a more elegant solution that doesn't require building custom hardware- it relates to the fact that there is a rather obscure feature, where you can link an account via a PS3 over USB, with the PS3 doing the connection then sending the response to the vita over USB- https://manuals.playstation.net/document/gb/psvita/psn/viaps3.html)

So its obvious what needs to be done, if you can find what the PS3 and PSVita are communicating with eachother, you could replicate it on a computer and just give a "login success" response every time- so like my question is like, how can i log and inspect the USB packets going between the Vita and PS3? i know on PC i can use wireshark, but im not connecting it to a PC so i dont know how to get such info

i mean im guessing some sort of man-in-the-middle attack would be possible here but no idea how to set something like that up ..

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