I have following intel processor 4th Generation Core Processor (Haswell U/Y). I want to check the value of PMBASE register in the processor. For that I have downloaded the processor datasheet, where I found that PMBASE is present at B:D:F 0:1:0. Here is the screenshot enter image description here

The VID and DID of the device are mentioned below (from the same datasheet) enter image description here

But, now when I am doing lspci from my linux machine, I am not seeing device 0:1:0. I have even checked with chipsec tool. Even there I am not seeing any device with device id 0x0c01.
Any reason why such discrepancy is there?

  • What do you have near the root of the PCI device tree?
    – Igor Skochinsky
    Commented Jul 30, 2021 at 21:20
  • At 0:0:0 I have Host bridge- DRAM controller. After that at 0:2:0, I have VGA controller.
    – shubham0d
    Commented Jul 31, 2021 at 15:29
  • My guess is, it's not seeing in lspci output because it's pci express controller. Maybe there is some other way to list or access it.
    – shubham0d
    Commented Jul 31, 2021 at 15:39


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