I have nearly ruined my Ghidra layout, and was wondering if there is an equivalent to IDA-Pro's Windows->Reset Desktop, which would reset the code browser's layout to its default form.

I am aware that I can drag the floating windows back into position.

  • when i have too many windows open i simply close all except for program tree , decompiler, and listing iirc the other windows simply expand to fill the space
    – blabb
    Jul 15, 2021 at 14:21

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The only way I'm aware of is to reimport the tool. Specifically:

  1. From the Ghidra Project window, right click on the code browser tool and click Delete...
  2. Tools -> Import Default Tools...
  3. Select defaultsTools/CodeBrowser.tool, then OK

Worth noting, while in your case it makes sense to delete the current (i.e. broken) tool, that's not a strict requirement. If you import the default tool with a CodeBrowser tool already there, it'll just be imported as CodeBrowser_1 and leave the original tool as-is.


In the project view, open Edit -> Tool Options. Select the "Tool" section, and change the "Swing Look and Feel" to whatever you like. I chose GTK+. Restart Ghidra and you should be back in action.

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