In Gdb I put script that print each instruction to gdb.txt file.

I want to load this file to Ida to show and print/paint the path that the process has been running.

The gdb script is

# not strictly required, but you'll likely want the log anyway 
(gdb) set logging on

# ask gdb to not stop every screen-full 
(gdb) set height 0

(gdb) while 1
 > x/i $pc
 > stepi
 > end

Is there any python /module in Ida that already do that?

If no, how can I do that nicely?

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Lighthouse might be the one of the best solutions for this.

Instead of using gdb to trace your execution you can use something like Dynamorio or a pintool that is compatible with IDA Lighthouse

You can also modify your script to produce compatible output. You can use existing pintools and frida script present here

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