I've an exe compiled with nexe and I want to extract file . I can see all the source code with a Hexviewer but it is a shame to extract each file. I've extract 95% of the source code but I miss some piece to compile it corretly. The code was made by a company that disappear with the Covid and I've to re-write the code to have the source for the future. I've tried to rename it .zip or .tar , it doesn't works. Thanks for your help.

  • If you say you see all the source code you are not referring to Java source code, right (because that would be very unusual)? If those files have a common header you could simply apply strings on the binary and later split the files if one or more files were extracted into one file. Alternatively try binwalk. If you like the GUI way you could try to load the exe file into Notepad++ and extract the files via regex.
    – Robert
    Jun 5 '21 at 16:57

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