I am reversing a firmware with binwalk.
Unpacking was succeed, but I can't find my target files. (CGI files in www folder)
When I connect to the web page of my router, I can see links include CGI file names.
But after unpacking, I can see only html files, I can't see CGI files.
I think only some files are unpacked with binwalk tools.
How do you think what's the problem?
Thank you
  • Adding a verbose output of binwalk / specific command line used for unpacking could prove helpful. some vendors may mess with packings / have semi-proprietary format so as it stands it's difficult to know whether it's a mis-usage or a format issue. – Elian Kamal May 29 at 16:58
  • Sometimes, CGI files don't actually exist, and all of the HTTP backend is handled by one monolithic binary – multithr3at3d May 31 at 6:37

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