A good "Hello world" for everybody here

I've bought a Mayflash PC052 adapter to convert an original SNES-mini controller (CLV-202) to a USB port on PC or PS4... The thing is, this CLV-202 controller isn't working with the adapter, I've asked for a firmware update to Mayflash, and it seems they are not interested to update it. I've spent a lot of money in both devices and I want to try to mod the firmware to make the controller work. I've tested my CLV-202 in a Nintendo Wii, and its working flawless. This adapter (PC052) was made to work with a Wii classic controller (RVL-005), if you saw both pictures, you will notice that CLV-202 and RVL-005 looks very similar, mine have less 5 buttons to me to care about *** End of my sad history ***

So, I must start from where? How to create a "dump" file of this firmware to my PC? Is it possible to edit it (w/o the source code)? I'm a 101% noob in this area, and have 0% idea in how to start... but I want to learn with you all

PS: I don't care if the "original intended" devices stop working after the mod, just want this CLV-202 controller working


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