I am debugging a program that I compiled.
This program calls SetWindowTextW.
When I am debugging it with IDA I can step into this function, but it doesn't recognize anything there:
enter image description here

If I will load user32.dll (where the function is exported), I will see all the symbols and functions named, everything.

Is it possible to load the user32.dll to a process that I am debugging, so I will be able to see what functions it calls.

You can see the difference, in the left side is when I am debugging my program and access user32.dll and on the right side is when I debug it directly.

enter image description here

Solved (thanks to Igor):
enter image description here

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Try “Load debug symbols” from the context menu in the “Modules” list.

  • Thanks, I pressed the "Analyze module" and then the "Load debug symbols", it did the work
    – E235
    Commented May 5, 2021 at 12:54

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