I was given an HDL file with the following content:

CHIP Box { ! IN in[128]; ! OUT out[128]; ! ! PARTS: ! Xor(a=in[0..31], b=in[96..127], out=red); ! Xor(a=in[32..63], b=in[64..95], out=king); ! Xor(a=in[64..95], b=in[96..127], out=dave); ! Concat(a=in[0..31], b=dave, c=red, d=king, out=ayk); ! Switch(a=ayk[3..6], b=ayk[19..22]); ! Switch(a=ayk[54..61], b=ayk[32..39]); ! Switch(a=ayk[63..70], b=ayk[120..127]); ! Switch(a=ayk[95..98], b=ayk[81..84]); ! Xor(a=ayk[0..31], b=ayk[64..95], out=earl); ! Xor(a=ayk[64..95], b=ayk[96..127], out=cosmo); ! Xor(a=ayk[32..63], b=ayk[96..127], out=abbott); ! Concat(a=abbott, b=comso, c=ayk[0..31], d=earl, out=phoenix); ! Reverse(in=phoenix, out=out); }

i was asked to reverse it and retrieve the value of in , how can i do it please knowing that i have the value of out? thanks

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    Hey! Great question. Glad to see you're enjoying TAMUctf which we spent quite a long time creating, but as this is an active competition, maybe don't post it on StackExchange... :) Commented Apr 25, 2021 at 3:49


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