I'm trying to make a cleanrooom implementation of a java written lib. What resources can I use for it. Only the official software docs? Or can I use what I get after i throw the lib into a java ide (Netbeans for example), I refering to the external libraries panel, in wich it shows us what methods, classes, interfaces, ..., are available. Is there any tools that can help in this process?

  • I am not sure if so many people do a cleanroom implementation thus tooling for such a use case may not be present. Im approach would be to check the various Java decompilers if they provide options to e.g. not output the java code and skip private elements. However from a legal perspective I am not sure if such a generated Java code (and any other tool that bases on reverse engineering respectively reflection) this is not still "derived work". Therefore the safe way would be to use the JavaDoc and manually rebuild the classes and their API - just to make sure.
    – Robert
    Apr 13 at 16:00

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