I am working on patch diffing using ghidra + bindiff (specifically, binexport), and am looking for advice on using bindiff with Ghidra headless.

ida_haru does essentially everything that I need, but for IDA instead of Ghidra. Specifically, I am wondering if something like the _make_BinExport() function exists for Ghidra.

def _make_BinExport(self, target, ida_path):
        binexp_path = self._get_db_path_noext(target) + '.BinExport'
        #binexp_path = os.path.splitext(target)[0] + '.BinExport'
        if not self._clear and os.path.exists(binexp_path):
            self._dprint('already existed BinExport: {}'.format(binexp_path))
            return 0

        #cmd = [ida_path, '-A', '-S{}'.format(g_exp_path), '-OExporterModule:{}'.format(binexp_path), target]  # the .BinExport filename should be specified in 4.3
        cmd = [ida_path, '-A', '-S{}'.format(g_exp_path), '-OBinExportModule:{}'.format(binexp_path), target]
        #print cmd
        self._dprint('getting BinExport for {}'.format(target))
        proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE)
        stdout, stderr = proc.communicate()
        return proc.returncode

Things I have done:

  1. ghidra headless script to get the func_names and min_addr for each function in the binaries,
  2. python script to work with the original_vs_patched.BinDiff files (sqlite3), and correlate results with the func_names

I'm missing:

  1. ghidra headless script to create and export the *.BinExport files

Advice and insights appreciated!


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I have posted my solution GitHub https://github.com/Kayla0x41/ghidraheadless_binexport

The key is the following lines of code (to be used with Ghidra headless):

addr_set = currentProgram.getMemory()
f = File(program_name + '.BinExport')
exporter = BinExportExporter() #Binary BinExport (v2) for BinDiff
exporter.export(f, currentProgram, addr_set, monitor)

This line is used to export a sample_name.BinExport file for each sample analyzed, where sample_name is the name of the sample.


There are some additional imports required:

from com.google.security import binexport
import java.io.File as File

without which the codes will not work.

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