I am reversing a program that has a lot of internal structs in it.

The problem is that there are a lot of structs, so i can't import them manually using local types->insert.

Lets say i have some header files that have all the definitions of these structs (but obviously a lot of other stuff as well like defines, since its an actual header file), is there anyway i can import this in IDA?

I cannot manually add structs because there are more than 1000 structs in these header files

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You can parse a header using File > Load file > C header file or create a type library beforehand.


If you are using CLIthen do something like: ida_typeinf.idc_parse_types("filename.h", idc.PT_FILE). See this file for more options. Also check this link for GUI, they also explained how to setup your header file. Hope this helps.

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