I'm new to IT and I turned my external hard-drive into a windows boot disc. I managed to recover files with testdisc & photorec_win. The downside is I got more than I bargened for and I have twice the amount of data I was hoping for and in addition all file names have been changed so I have to open every openable file check what it is, name it and ctrx ctrv into folders and It looks like ill be at it for a solid month unless I get at least some of it back. My arse is broke atm, so im looking for some freeware that could help me with this hopeless task. Cheers for any constructive advice.

  • testdisc & photorec_win are file carver utilities, therefore they only work on the file data. As file names are usually not written into the file itself, data they are lost when using those tools. Reverse engineering is just based on the file data is impossible. How to proceed next depends on what file types are most important for you.
    – Robert
    Apr 7 at 12:06

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