I am trying to custom Nokia 215 4G firmware

I want to remove specific apps like games, radio, browser...

If not removing it, redirecting it OR even damage it. So when you click on an app it will open for example calculator or it will not open.

I flashed more than 20 tests firmware without success.

Can anyone help me to where to find the function/line that say open that app when you click on it.

keywords I used to search in strings:

MMIMAINMENU, MAINMENU_, _WIN_ID, ninja, calculator, torch, unlock and many more

Here is one successful modification I did for test by changing torch app name to tests


As you can see, I used 5 charactere, if I use 4 charactere ( replace torch with test), the flashing will failed. Is that something related to checksum ?





I've been working for days using HxD without success.

Appreciate any help!

  • You still need help? I can try help you
    – Soma Mhoud
    Jun 29 at 8:30

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