I'm begin with reverse engineering, because I want to create some new functions to the "game server". That is, I want to inject(hook dll) in this game. **The source code of project not is open. And this "game server" is already a "hook" from a original game version, then it already has "re-write" the original functions.

I am not able to do the basics, which would be debugging this game with Ollydbg or x64dbg. In both cases, when I register to monitor the process, the process crash. Both (Olly and x64dbg) show the thread that the process was running, but the thread is dead.

** Is there any configuration that I'm forgetting to do before I can register for the process without breaking it? Is there any possibility that the process itself is forcing the close when I try to connect to it? I should use another software to do this?

The result of this is that by not being able to know the methods/parameters/positions of what I want to rewrite, it is impossible to make any progress with these injects.

enter image description here

  • We need more technical information about the process. However, that's most likely an anti-debugging protection that's crashing your debugger (even thought not necessarily). Maybe try to statically analyze the binary and see whether it makes any call to some of the basic anti-debugging APIs, or try to open the binary within a debugger and step through it until you are able to spot where to crashes and why. Mar 29 at 6:22

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