I'm learning reversing, practicing with a old router(Huawei HG532s) I extracted the router's flash content with a script of this post https://wikidevi.wi-cat.ru/Huawei_HG532s 1

I have used binwalk to see the differents sections, with binwalk -e I have localiced the first section which seems be the bootloader. With ghidra I have analyzed this mips section and i found that there is a lot of references undefined , I know that I have to fix the memory map but I don't know how because in the code i can see references to strings that seems to be out of the area of the bootloader. This is my problem, I want to repair the references because when the router boots it appears any strings that I would like to find where in the code are called.

Router booting:

RT63365 at Wed Dec 17 16:09:06 CST 2014 version 0.8 Memory size 32MB Found SPI Flash 8MiB S25FL064A at 0xb0000000 Press any key in 3 secs to enter boot command mode. Search PHY addr and found PHY addr=0

I would like to find for example where is called the string "Press any key in 3Secs" enter image description here

The question is how could I correct the references to locate where the strings are called to get more information about the bootloader's operation? I don't need a exact sequence of steps to follow, with some advices of how to focus the reversing It would be a great help.

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