Good day to you all.

I'm new to radare2 and reverse engineering in general.
Debugging a small crackme.
I want to save breakpoints.
Initially, everything is fine: db* > bps and load breakpoints: . bps - works.
But, but if after that you: db* takes the form:
dbm /home/silentman/crackmes/xordemo 1850
dbm /home/silentman/crackmes/xordemo 1859
dbm cp�b 1859
dbm N�UV 1863
dbm �V7/V 1872
dbm 4O�U
V 1876
dbm g#�UV 1878
dbm D�U
V 1888
dbm �:�UV 1892
dbm �]�U
V 1898
dbm �=�UV 1908
dbm ?�U
V 1912
dbm �;�UV 1918Mbr> dbm �,�UV 1925

Accordingly, it becomes problematic to save the new breakpoints.
Archlinux, version radare2 - 4.5.1, tried it 4.5.0 and Rizin, the result is similar.

Has anyone ever encountered such a thing? I would be grateful for any advice.

  • It was a bug. I wrote a bug report, the developers in two days fixed everything, well done! Thank them very much.
    – Demien
    Mar 31 at 16:42

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