I am new to the modding of android apps, and was trying an experiment with a game called Soccer Stars. Soccer stars apparently has a different game server for every new version of the game. At the time of asking this question, there are two supported versions 5.1.x and 5.2.x which connect to different servers 29.0.0 and 30.0.0, respectively.

My aim was to change the apk file of 5.1.0 version to interact with the server as if it were 5.2.0 version and connect to server 30.0.0, I changed the app version name and code using APK Editor Pro. However when I open the modified app, it still shows the old server 29.0.0 somehow.

I have decompiled the apk and tried searching in the code for the string "29.0.0" and I couldn't find it anywhere. Where am I likely to find and manipulate this information? I tried packet inspection on android, got the packets, which are a bunch of numbers in hex string or string. Not sure how to compare or trace it back to a specific code change?

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