Ok, so. PyArmor. Apparently, my friend used it to protect some script, except it's not a python script, it's a few TXT files. Is it possible to reverse engineer it so I can see whats in the actual TXT files? I have the:

from pytransform import pyarmor_runtime
__pyarmor__(__name__, __file__, b'\x50\x59\x41\x52\x4d\etc`, 2)

thing still. Any help appreciated!

  • Maybe you can use the same methodology to obfuscate some known text files of yours, maybe as simple as a file containing "hello" and see how to go through reversing it back and recover the contents. Mar 16 at 7:04

If they're used or evaluated at runtime a debugger should let you see them after they've been loaded. Post the files.

  • Here are the 5 txts along with the armor start file at this link here.
    – Jack Reeve
    Mar 16 at 15:57

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