i have been working on reversing a little app that i have been tasked with, and im kinda at a road block. I need to start an instance of the main form, however the app is obfuscated with Crypto Obfuscator for . net. I tried de4dot and the Crypto deob and so far nothing has worked. Everytime i try to patch ANY of the MSIL with any kind of .net patcher, it halves the file size from 8-mb to ~41mb, and the app will then crash on execute. My goal is to be able to make an msil patch and the program will open. I have tried to write another app that references the target and use its exposed classes, and still it did not work. There are a crap ton of mutlicast delegates (which i assume are proxy/virtualized method calls), and all the strings seem to be encrypted and loaded from an embeded resource. Can somone give me some direction as to how id clean up this code and figure out a way to patch the binary without it reducing the file size in half (i think this has something to do with why it crashes on execution after any patches). Your help on this is much appericated! This ap that i am working on reversing is an app that performs a carrier unlock on the lg stylo 6, but the app charges you money for this. So im working on figuring out how the magic happens so as to open up this to anyone. A very sizable community wants this to happen so your knowlege will prove to be very valuable here. Thank you for you for reading this, Mastercodeon Program sinatures in pe analyzers

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