Basically, Ghidra in headless mode is divided into three phases: preScript, analysis, and postScript.

Pre/post scripts are written extending the GhidraScript class, while analysis ones extend the AbstractAnalyzer class.

When you run Ghidra in headless mode, you can specify which pre/post scripts you want to run (-preScript and -postScript options).

My questions is: how do I choose which analyses to perform?

For example, if I run this command:

./analyzeHeadless /tmp test -import ~/Downloads/test.elf -scriptPath ~/ghidra_scripts/ -postScript TestScript.java

INFO  -----------------------------------------------------
    ARM Constant Reference Analyzer           14.667 secs
    Subroutine References - One Time           0.000 secs
     Total Time   86 secs

How can I exclude the ARM Constant Reference Analyzer and add another analysis?

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This is possible. You can select desired analysis options in the prescript. Checkout this function - setAnalysisOption in GhidraScript class. You can also look @ this example script.

So, in your case you can do something like:

from ghidra.app.script import GhidraScript
setAnalysisOption(currentProgram, "ARM Constant Reference Analyzer", "false")
  • It works! Thanks. For the readers: if you want to enable some analysis that ends with the (Prototype) string, e.g., Aggressive Instruction Finder (Prototype), just use Aggressive Instruction Finder. Commented Feb 24, 2021 at 21:09

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